Depression Counsellor Perth

Our team has years of experience in depression counselling in Perth.  We know what works to improve your mood and to get you back on track. Our team of experienced depression counsellors use only proven evidence-based strategies.

During your depression counselling we will target:

Your Sleep

Research has found that insomnia and poor sleep is closely linked to a range of problems including low mood, poor health, and even weight gain! Your depression counsellor will work with you to develop a plan for better sleep.

Your Mood

You want to feel happier right? Our immediate focus is on the proven strategies and techniques known to help increase positive emotion.

Your Relationships

One common problem with depression is you start to withdraw from your life. Through our years of experience we know how important social supports are to improving your mood and sense of connection and belonging.

Your Activity Level

Part of feeling depressed is also feeling fatigued and unmotivated. Involvement in activities you enjoy will bring you a sense of achievement, mastery, and a feeling of control in your life.

Your Thoughts

Feelings of depression are impacted by how we think about ourselves, what has happened to us in the past, and the world around us. We guide you through these thinking traps and how to avoid them.

Start on your path to a positive mood and improved sleep.
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