Relationship Counselling Perth

Our team are highly experienced in relationship counselling and couples therapy in Perth. Relationship counselling can help if you are having trouble communicating, your arguments are getting worse, or there has been a betrayal in your relationship. Our experienced relationship counsellors provide you both with the practical skills, tools, and techniques to improve your relationship.

Our counselling is based on scientific research. We have training in evidence-based relationship counselling treatments including Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples and Gottman Couples Therapy. You can read more in our blog posts about how relationship counselling can help you.

The path to a more meaningful relationship

Relationship counselling at Select Psychology helps you to navigate your way through important decisions to improve your relationship and take it to the next level. We teach you effective communication skills and conflict management to improve your relationship. Your relationship counsellor will provide you with a comprehensive toolbox of skills and techniques for ongoing success.

There are certain strategies that research has found successful couples use to stay happy. The relationship counsellors will teach you these skills, including how to be a better communicator and how to deepen your connection. We also take you through what the research tells us are the biggest predictors of separation. Did you know there are five common relationship problems to avoid prior to making that big commitment?

Read more in our blog.

So forĀ couples counselling in Perth, get in touch with us here at Select Psychology today.