Mental Health Help Perth

We offer the best mental health help in Perth delivered by experienced Clinical Psychologists. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services that includes counselling, life coaching, parenting coaching, and consultation.

For help with all mental health issues in Perth including help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, or relationship issues, look no further. To provide you with the best mental health help we only use evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy (or CBT). Our team are highly experienced and have a depth of knowledge in the areas below.

Couples Counselling

Couples therapy can be an important first step to improving your relationship. Your couples counsellor will take you through specific skills and techniques so that you communicate better, manage conflict more effectively, and get to know one another at a deeper, and more intimate level.

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Counselling for you

If you are overwhelmed by personal issues, it can be easier to talk to someone who is not immediately connected to you. We know taking that first step can be hard. But, if you are feeling anxious, stressed, or feel like you have lost your direction in life, then we can help you get back on track.

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Life Coaching

Whether it is meeting your health goals, re-energising your career, or finding your vision in life, our psychologists can help. You will be guided through developing personally meaningful goals and provided with the skills and techniques to improve your life.

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Parent Coaching

Nobody ever said parenting would be easy! But does it have to be this hard? There’s no shame in asking for help and it can make a world of difference. Parent coaching lets you grow your strengths and develop strategies so that your family can look forward to a more harmonious life.

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Assessment and Consultation

Select Psychology assesses and treats patients struggling with a range of issues using practical, thorough, and tested methods.

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Clinical supervision

Our approach to clinical psychologist supervision is competency-based, reflective and mindful, focused on upholding the values and ethics of the profession, and devoted to enhancing supervisee development.

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